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Date Time:2019/11/29 11:00-11:10

Topic:International FinTech Forum-Opening Remarks

Alastair Lukies


Date Time:2019/11/29 11:10-11:50

Topic:The Future Beyond FinTech


Alastair Lukies CBE is a UK businessman and entrepreneur best known as a pioneer and champion for the UK’s globally FinTech industry.
Alastair has been at the forefront of the UK’s Financial Technology industry, working with financial institutions, investors and regulators to promote collaboration and mutual benefit across the ecosystem.
Alastair is Founder & CEO of Pollinate International. Pollinate was created in 2017 to turn the tide for the world's largest and most complex financial services institutions. Working with banks and their legacy platforms, Pollinate helps launch new services that reinvent the payments and financial services sector.
Alastair is Chair of the Fintech Alliance, a government backed multifaceted digital engagement platform launched in 2019 which aims to bring the global FinTech ecosystem together in one easily accessible digital marketplace.
In January 2014, Alastair was appointed as a Business Ambassador to the Prime Minister for the financial services industry by the UK Government, and remained so until 2019 when he moved across to join the Prime Minister’s Business Council.
In September 2015, Alastair was part of the founding team of Motive Partners, an investment firm based in London and New York focused on investing in and building the next generation of financial technology. Alastair remains the Vice-Chairman of the Global Advisory Council at Motive Partners, alongside John Thompson (Chairman, Microsoft) and Larry Summers (Former Secretary of the US Treasury).
Alastair was the inaugural Non-Executive Chairman of FinTech industry body, Innovate Finance, from its launch in August 2014 until 2017.
In 2003, Alastair founded Monitise. Three years later Monitise was recognised as a ‘Technology Pioneer’ by the World Economic Forum and in June 2007 Alastair led the company’s demerger from Morse and listing on the LSE’s AIM market. During his time as CEO, Monitise grew to a market cap of $2 billion, employing 1700 staff on four continents.
Alastair was awarded a CBE for services to mobile banking and charity in June 2014, and was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2011 Growing Business Awards.
Prior to conceiving, financing and successfully building Monitise, Alastair was a co-founder of, the portal for Westminster, Whitehall and the devolved institutions.

Cheng, Cheng-Mount


Date Time:2019/11/29 11:50-12:20

Topic:Panel Discussion


Brenda Hu


Date Time:2019/11/29 13:30-15:00

Topic:International Experience Exchange on FinTech Regulatory Sandbox Implementation


Ms. Brenda Hu is Deputy Director General in Department of Planning and Deputy Executive Secretary of the Fintech Center, Financial Supervisory Commission. She currently takes charge of planning overall policies and strategies of the FSC and coordinating relevant implementation. Major policies under her responsibilities include Financial Development Action Plan, Green Finance, and financial inclusion. She also supervises the work carried out by the Fintech Center, such as giving guidance and advice to startups aiming to use fintech to provide services in the market, reviewing applications for regulatory sandbox, making sure smooth operation of the FintechSpace (incubator), and promoting fintech related policies and measures to maintain a friendly ecosystem..

Before those roles, she was Assistant Director of the Corporate Finance Division in the Securities and Futures Bureau, FSC. Her prime responsibility was to review and propose policies on the corporate governance and social responsibility of listed companies. She was also in charge of reviewing and giving advices on fund-raising cases submitted by listed companies for effective registration, following up their financial and operational status, and safeguarding market integrity and shareholder rights. Ms. Hu has overseen listed companies, securities firms, futures commission merchants, and foreign banks for 20 years. She helped the market to grow by deregulation and completed legislations governing futures trust funds, offshore structured products and financial consumer protection. Her commitment to internationalize the market also brings the commission and exchanges to actively participate in various international organizations and to closely collaborate with foreign regulators.

Hirohiko Nakahara


Date Time:2019/11/29 13:30-15:00

Topic:International Experience Exchange on FinTech Regulatory Sandbox Implementation


Nilixa Devlukia


Date Time:2019/11/29 13:30-15:00

Topic:International Experience Exchange on FinTech Regulatory Sandbox Implementation


Nilixa is a well know public speaker and the founder and CEO of Payments Solved a regulatory consultancy advising on the regulatory framework for payment services, digital banking, fintech and open banking both in the UK and globally.

Nilixa is an experienced regulatory expert and lawyer with a Masters in European Competition Law and over 20 years of banking and payments experience gained from her time at Barclays, the FCA, the EBA and as Head of Regulatory at the Open Banking Implementation Entity.
Nilixa was the policy lead at the Financial Conduct Authority on all UK and EU payments and e-money related matters working together with HM Treasury on the negotiation and transposition of PSD2 and EU agencies on the PSD2 RTS. Nilixa has been seconded to the European Banking Authority and has also worked extensively with the European Commission, the European Central Bank, the World Bank, EU and other regulators across the globe. Nilixa has represented the UK and FCA on various EU and UK level committees including the ECB SecurePay Forum, the EU API Evaluation Group and the UK Payment Strategy Forum and lead on the publication of the FCA Approach Document on Payment Services and EBA Consultations.

Nilixa works with industry, regulators and legislators to drive changes in the banking and payments ecosystem for a payments and open banking landscape that is secure, transparent and inclusive.

Schan Duff


Date Time:2019/11/29 13:30-15:00

Topic:International Experience Exchange on FinTech Regulatory Sandbox Implementation


Kiva is a mission driven technology non-profit. We run a global marketplace platform for crowd-funded micro-loans to serve the financially excluded in sectors such as education, water, clean energy, and refugee resettlement. Kiva combines the culture and approach of an internet start-up with a mission to alleviate poverty. As VP Strategy, I am responsible for the expansion and adoption of Kiva Protocol - an open source, decentralized identity and credit history platform.

C.C. Huang


Date Time:2019/11/29 15:10-17:20

Topic:From Open API to Open Banking: Lessons Learnt from International Experience and the Outlook of Future Trends


Bill Roberts


Date Time:2019/11/29 15:10-17:20

Topic:From Open API to Open Banking: Lessons Learnt from International Experience and the Outlook of Future Trends


Bill is currently Head of Open Banking at the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the UK. The CMA is the main competition authority in the UK and has the power to investigate both mergers and markets, including those overseen by sector regulators such as the Financial Conduct Authority.

Bill was part of the team which investigated th UK’s retail banking market between 2014 and 2016 and led the design of the open banking remedies, discussions over the creation of the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) and the appointment of the Implementation Trustee (IT).

He has since worked closely with the OBIE and the IT on the implementation of open banking in the UK and follows closely the adoption of open banking in other jurisdictions (now around 20).
Bill is also a member of the FCA’s open finance advisory group which is exploring the application of open banking principles to a wider range of products such as savings, loans, investment and insurance products and is on the steering group of the Government’s Smart Data review which is looking at applying the same principles in other regulated sectors.
Before working at the CMA Bill worked at its predecessor, the Competition Commission.
Prior to this he was with what is now Thomson Reuters and before that he was Deputy Director of the UK Consumers’ Association, Which Bill’s PhD research (Universities of Kent and Oxford, All Souls College) was into the evolution of consumer protection and competition legislation in the UK.

Scott Farrell


Date Time:2019/11/29 15:10-17:20

Topic:From Open API to Open Banking: Lessons Learnt from International Experience and the Outlook of Future Trends


Scott Farrell is a senior partner of King & Wood Mallesons with more than 20 years’ experience in financial markets and financial systems law, in Australia and Asia. Scott is Co-Chair of the Australian Government’s FinTech Advisory Group and led the Australian Government’s review into Open Banking, which made recommendations that are now being implemented to create Australia’s Consumer Data Right. Scott has been named one of Asia’s top 10 innovative lawyers by the Financial Times.

Takafumi Ochiai


Date Time:2019/11/29 15:10-17:20

Topic:From Open API to Open Banking: Lessons Learnt from International Experience and the Outlook of Future Trends


Ochiai is a core member of the Innovation team of Atsumi & Sakai. He worked in Beijing in the branch of Mori Hamada & Matsumoto in 2013 mainly for Japanese clients. He has extensive experience in advising on Intellectual property rights including copyright, trademark, and patent, treatment of Personal information, advertisement as to IT services. He has worked for domestic and International companies in many industries including telecommunication company, IT service companies and IT vendor, TV company, manufacturing companies, bank, security company, trust companies, FinTech company and HealthTech company. He has extensive experience in acting as counsel in domestic and international mediations, arbitrations(including ICC, CIETAC, and JCAA) and litigations, involving a wide array of issues. He has also co-authored a number of relevant publications.

Nicholas Drury


Date Time:2019/11/29 15:10-17:20

Topic:From Open API to Open Banking: Lessons Learnt from International Experience and the Outlook of Future Trends


Nick is the Global Leader for Banking & Financial Markets at the Institute for Business Value at IBM. He has over 20 years' practitioner experience with blue chip names in international banking and financial markets over three continents. His recent consulting portfolio of clients include leading global banking groups and major financial services players in Asia Pacific undergoing deep transformation journeys.His disciplined approach to problem solving, enthusiasm and determination have made him a recognized expert in his field. In addition to his practical experience, Nick holds an MBA in International Business and conducted research at INSEAD.

Kathy Lee


Date Time:2019/11/30 09:40-10:10

Topic:Imagination of AI application in Financial Industry


Sheng-Wei Chen


Date Time:2019/11/30 10:10-10:40

Topic:Latest Trend of AI application in Financial Industry


Shinichiro Isago


Date Time:2019/11/30 10:40-11:10

Topic:AI technologies that shape LINE Financial services in Japan


Jimmy Liu


Date Time:2019/11/30 11:10-11:40

Topic:Practice on Intelligent Financial Service


Experienced Senior Account Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Enterprise Software, Solution Selling, and Pre-sales. Strong sales professional graduated from TITech.

Chih-Kung Lee


Date Time:2019/11/30 11:40-12:10

Topic:Panel Discussion


Kai-Jiun Chang


Date Time:2019/11/30 14:00-14:20

Topic:Internet-only Banks: Opportunities and Challenges-Opening Speech


Magdalena Borowik


Date Time:2019/11/30 14:20-14:50

Topic:The Experience of Internet-only Banks Development in the Poland


Fintech strategist specialised in complex business transformation projects based on data and technology, with experience in technologic risk and innovation management within data governance, digital identity and trust services, telecom networks and critical infrastructure, government and finance.
Fintech Advisor to the Chairman at Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Minister Plenipotentiary for Financial Technology at Ministry of Digital Affairs, Republic of Poland. Lecturer of fintech and blockchain at Warsaw School of Information Technology.
Actively contributing to government policies and strategic documents related to digital transformation of Polish economy. Co-author of several publications and reports covering fintech and regtech strategies, being responsible for suptech co-ordination at PFSA.
Passionate about network effect, a powerful phenomenon at the verge of technology and social sciences, which is the driving force for digital markets. Her interests also include data privacy and information security.
With background in economics and management, Magda has spent twenty years in information technology industry, six years in financial technology and three years in central government, being involved in technology-led business transformation projects.
In 2018, Magda was awarded the title of Market Visionary by IT@Bank: community of information technology industry serving banks and other financial institutions.

Jasmine Chen


Date Time:2019/11/30 14:50-15:20

Topic:Revolut, Global Expansion


Wang-Tun Chou


Date Time:2019/11/30 15:40-16:10

Topic:Latest Development of Internet-only Banks: Next bank


Next Bank CIO & CTO. Next Bank is one of Taiwan network banks, based on mobile connectivity and fintech. Services are expected to commerce in 2020. Wang-Tun Chou was Senior VP of 91APP, Microsoft’s director of cloud business of Greater China, he was an early Internet entrepreneur in Taiwan.

Umang Moondra


Date Time:2019/11/30 16:10-16:40

Topic:Latest Development of Internet-only Banks: Fidor Bank


Umang Moondra heads APAC expansion for the Fidor Group. A transformation leader with over 25 years in business management, operations & technology, client delivery and sales experience in Transaction Banking, Wealth Management and Credit Cards, Umang led business units of up to US$ 500 mn across Asia Pacific. Prior to joining Fidor, Umang held senior executive roles at Citigroup including Managing Director and Global Transactions Service Operations Head for Asia, Operations & Technology Head for ASEAN, Retail Banking Head for Singapore. Umang has a consistent track record of crafting and leading change driven by strategy, culture, digitization and automation, aimed at quantum leaps in bottom line, revenues, client delivery and risk mitigation. Having worked and lived in India, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Philippines and led teams of over 3,000 professionals, Umang has demonstrated experience in building focused and empowered teams locally and regionally, and leading transformation across cultures. His cross-functional experience provides him with a unique understanding of the end to end connectivity in an organization and the ability to foster relationships across stakeholders. As Secretary of Singapore FinTech Association, Umang is an active member of Singapore’s Fintech ecosystem. Currently, he is leveraging his banking experience and FinTech knowledge to help clients in their business transformation and development efforts. In doing so, he works with top-tier global consulting firms. He is an Advisor to Lenddo, and Board Member at You Technologies. He is himself an Angel Investor and alongside that is a Mentor with accelerators and crowdfunding platforms in Singapore and India.

Jerry S. Lin


Date Time:2019/11/30 14:00-14:20

Topic:New applications in Financial Services-Opening Speech


Robert Huang


Date Time:2019/11/30 14:20-14:50

Topic:The Empowerment and Application of Innovative PayTech


Michelle Chivunga Nsanzumuco


Date Time:2019/11/30 14:50-15:20

Topic:Digital Economy & FinTech


Michelle Chivunga Nsanzumuco has vast experience in designing government policy frameworks; analyzing corporate financing/investment instruments and recognized worldwide as a blockchain professional and major influencer with access to an extensive network of global stakeholders. In more recent years Michelle has been leading in evaluating the potential of Blockchain/DLT solutions and the impact of the overall digital economy advising corporates, SMEs and governments across the World. Michelle previously worked for the British Bankers Association(now UK Finance) managing a range of financing projects working with many global senior stakeholders - mainly with governments, business leaders and financial development institutions in both the private and public sectors. Michelle has had engagement with groups such as the African Union, OECD, Commonwealth, World Bank, World Trade organization, International Chambers of Commerce, European Banking Federation, World Economic Forum, HM Treasury, British Chambers of Commerce, EU Commission & many government leads globally.

Naoya Hayashi


Date Time:2019/11/30 15:40-16:10

Topic:Digital technology and the future of FinTech


Brian Chou


Date Time:2019/11/30 16:10-16:40

Topic:Innovative Financial Services from Regulatory Sandbox


Giordano Giulianelli


Date Time:2019/11/29 13:20-14:10

Topic:Open Banking and FinTech


16 years experience in Originations, Customers Management, Debt Recovery and Process Optimization – Barclays Bank, CIT Vendor Finance, Dell Bank International Limited, CRIF S.p.A. 10 years experience in Team management. 1° level degree in Financial services – (UCD University City of Dublin – IE) .Project Management Diploma (IPMA) – (NCI Dublin-IE). Agile Scrum Master - Scrum Alliance (Dublin– IE)

Sarah Wu


Date Time:2019/11/29 14:20-15:10

Topic:Digital Transformation in Banking


Sarah Wu is the General Manager for China and Vice President, Global Financial Solutions for the Greater China region at Fiserv. Since joining the company in 2017, Sarah has led the charge on many key projects and driven growth from new sales and infrastructure initiatives. She was instrumental in the digital transformation of the China technology platform to deliver agility, effectiveness and efficiency in payment processing, and establishing critical partnerships with leading Chinese banks and third-party payment providers to expand Fiserv’s acquiring footprint into China.
With an eminent career in the payment technology industry spanning over 20 years, Sarah held leadership positions in various MNCs including Cybersource, Visa and Mastercard and has achieved much success in a generally male-dominated industry and is a true inspiration to other women. Sarah is a huge advocate of work-life balance and diversity in the workplace, and was shortlisted as the ‘Business Leader of the Year’ in the Information Age Women in IT Awards Asia 2019.

Calvin Ng


Date Time:2019/11/29 14:20-15:10

Topic:Digital Transformation in Banking


Calvin Ng is Co-Head of Retail Banking at ZA Bank – the first batch of licensed virtual banks in Hong Kong. Calvin currently manages the retail business for the bank, including strategic business planning, product roadmap and go-to-market strategies. Calvin also heads up the Branding Studio of ZA, which covers the brand management, PR and marketing for master brand of ZA.

Calvin has broad banking experience in formulating innovation and digital strategy, product roadmap, including customer journeys. Prior joining ZA Bank in 2018, Calvin spent 11 years at DBS Bank (Hong Kong) with extensive experience across digital banking, credit card, payment and marketing, where his last position as SVP and Head of Digital, Innovation & Payment, Consumer Banking Group and Wealth Management.

Calvin holds a bachelor’s degree in creative media and a master’s degree in advertising and marketing from the University of Leeds in the UK.

Tonmoye Nandi


Date Time:2019/11/29 15:20-16:10

Topic:Using Data to revolutionize Open Banking API


I love Data!
This passion has allowed me to manage large scale data operations
and reengineering portfolios across multiple data types and platforms.
Having worked with organizations like Ernst & Young, Thomson
Reuters and Dun & Bradstreet my data experience ranges from
financial and commercial to regulatory use cases. I strongly believe in
the Data & Technology nexus that helps create world class customer
experiences. As an Open Data advocate, I am closely connected with
efforts to bring more data sets online for both academic and
commercial use.
Over the past 17 years, Tonmoye has worked in multiple countries and
regions. Leading global and regional data initiative he and his team
have taken multi million dollar data products to market.

Chih Shan Luo


Date Time:2019/11/29 16:20-17:00

Topic:Hightlights From The ASEAN FinTech Econsystem Benchmarking Study and Cracking the FinTech Legal Code


• Managing Director, FinTechBase, Taiwan
• Director, FinTech Center of Institute For Information Industry
• Co-organizer of FinTech Taipei, Taiwan
• Member of International Visiting Leadership Program (IVLP) 2019, State of Department, USA Also Known as,
• Co-Author of ASEAN FinTech Report, Cambridge Center For Alternative Finance (CCAF)
• Speaker at「Women and ICT」Women and the Economy Forum, APEC 2013, Indonesia Education
MA in International Economic Management, University Of Birmingham, U.K.

Serene Kan


Date Time:2019/11/29 16:20-17:00

Topic:Hightlights From The ASEAN FinTech Econsystem Benchmarking Study and Cracking the FinTech Legal Code


Christopher Murrer


Date Time:2019/11/29 16:20-17:00

Topic:Hightlights From The ASEAN FinTech Econsystem Benchmarking Study and Cracking the FinTech Legal Code


Hao Ray Hu


Date Time:2019/11/29 16:20-17:00

Topic:Hightlights From The ASEAN FinTech Econsystem Benchmarking Study and Cracking the FinTech Legal Code


Peggy Chiu


Date Time:2019/11/29 16:20-17:00

Topic:Hightlights From The ASEAN FinTech Econsystem Benchmarking Study and Cracking the FinTech Legal Code


Sam Allen


Date Time:2019/11/30 10:40-11:00

Topic:The Brave New World of Open Banking (TSP View)


Daniel Cheng


Date Time:2019/11/30 11:30-12:20

Topic:On the emerging trend for robo-advisory empowering mass clients to invest smarter


Daniel Cheng graduated from Sloan School of M.I.T and he works for Taipei Fubon Bank as First Vice President and deputy head of Investment Products department. His professional career covers banking and investment industries with long experience in digital banking, big data analytics, robo-advisory and fintech innovative projects.

Lloyd Tsai


Date Time:2019/11/30 14:20-15:10

Topic:What's Next? 3 Internet-only Bank Transformation Trends in Banking


Next Bank CPO. Next Bank is one of Taiwan network banks, based on mobile connectivity and fintech. Services are expected to commerce in 2020. Lloyd Tsai was Senior VP of SinoPac Securities, he is an FinTech advocate in Taiwan.

Olivia Kwan


Date Time:2019/11/30 15:20-15:10

Topic:RegTech in Open Banking


EJay Cheng


Date Time:2019/11/30 16:20-16:40

Topic:How Can a Chatbot Take Financial Services to the Next Level?


Ryan Lin, Jeff Hu, Tina Lee


Date Time:2019/11/30 16:40-17:00

Topic:Blockchain Innovation Application: The Blockchain Certificate